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(DRILLMASTER) is a leading solution provider for foundation engineering. As the main enterprise entity, Drillmaster has three subsidiary companies: HUNAN UNIMATE HEAVY INDUSTRY CO., LTD, P.A TECH CO.,LTD, CHANGSHA FOUNTECH ENGINEERING MACHINERY CO.,LTD, respectively undertaking functions of fabrication, import, and R&D DRILLMASTER's main products include: micro drilling rigs, kelly bars, drilling buckets & augers, drilling bits, casings, tremie pipe,desander, casing rotator and pile breaker etc. Taking improving the foundation construction technology as our mission, and by depending on a group of excellent R&D team with years of experience in foundation engineering and construction design, our products have reached the advanced level in China in terms of technology and quality.

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Ürünlerimizden oluşan bir gruba dayanarak, temel mühendislik ve inşaat tasarımında uzun yıllara dayanan mükemmel Ar-Ge ekibimiz var ve teknoloji ve kalite konusunda iç ileri seviyeye ulaştık.

Filipin Mühendisliği

Unimate casings and buckets are working at Philippines customer's jobsite for LB36...

Shenzhen Metrosu

12 metre çapında ve 1.2 metre bir kaya derinliği ile Shenzhen Metro 16.5 Hattı, - 19.56 metre ...

Shenzhen-Zhongshan Köprüsü

Shenzhen-Zhongshan Köprüsü'nün projesi, inşaatında büyük bir altyapı projesi ...


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  • Kasım 27
    Drillmaster 2020 Bauma show in Shanghai

    During the Bauma China Exhibition(NOV.24-27th),in order to repay our customers, we especially give a big promotion as follows: Buy $3,000, get $300 off! buy$10,000, get$1000 off! buy $30,000 get $3000 off!

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  • Kasım 20
    Bauma CHINA 2020, big discount, we are ready!

    Bauma CHINA 2020, we will be live streaming from Shanghai with our brand new product series. Don’t miss our big discount, Buy $ 50,000 to get $20,000 coupons! 24th Nov-25th Nov 2020. Stay tuned!

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  • Kasım 19
    Why choose Unimate pile breaker?

    Pile breaker is a new way to cut concrete pile,which will improve the cutting efficiency a lot. Now in China, more and more job sites are using it. We have two types of Pile breakers.One is the round pile breaker, cut round pile from 500mm-2000mm. Another is the square pile breaker, cut the square pile from 300mm to 500mm.

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  • Kasım 30
    Drillmaster BAUMA CHINA show in 2020

    Many foreign customers are unable to visit the BAUMA China This year since affected by the international covid-19. However, BAUMA CHINA SHOW is held as scheduled. As the manufacturer of foundation equipment and spare parts, products including kelly bar, drill tools ( drilling bucket, core barrel, rock auger...), casing tube, powder head..., Drillmaster exhibit double-layer core barrel, powder head, casing tube and a kelly bar...

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