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UMT-K100DC(P) Ultrasonic Drilling Hole & Trench Tester

Application: Detection for width and drilling depth of diaphragm wall, bored piles; Sediment thickness.

Model: UMT-K100DC(P).

Diameter Range: 400mm-7200mm.

Warranty: One Year.


■ Main function

1. Detection for groove width of underground diaphragm wall, built-up hole diameter and perpendicularity ocastin-situ bored piles, collapse,converging-diverging diameter location, and dip azimuth;converging-diverging diameter location, and dip azimuth;

2. Detection for the under-reaming effect of disk pile and pedestal pile, and sediment thickness;

3. Instruct site construction, optimize the construction process, and improve construction quality and efficiency according to actual measurement results.

4.  Detection for sediment thickness;

 ■ Parameters

Technical Specification
UMT-K100DC ( P)  Winch
Winch typeAutomaticPower SupplyAC140V~260V
Up/Down Speed0-20m/minDepth accuracy≤0.9mm
Bottom and casing sensing systemAutomatic sensing by limit switchSynchronous cableManual cable roller
Up/down movement distance100m / 150m optionalProbe suspensionthe sensor device is hung by two independent steel wire rollers
Quality(KG)100m winch:67KGDimension (mm)100m winch: 660 X 550 X 700
Operating temperature-10℃~+50℃Humidity0~90%
Host unit
Power SupplyWinch: AC140V~260V , 50Hz;

Host and sensor device: DC60V high energy lithium battery powered, charge 6 hours can work continuously for 24 hours.

Power Supply protection circuitEquipped with two built-in non-fuse breakers (5A and 5A), a leakage breaker (20A) and an over voltage protection circuit
Operation modeTouch screen or mouse
Display mode12.1 inch color bright LCD, display precision 1280 * 768, adjustable back light
ProcessorHigh performance low power embedded dual core processor.
Storage8G TF Card
Operate SystemLinux system
Digit interfaceUSB2.0, to U Disk can copy files, to laser printer can print
Control functionWinch rising and falling, ultrasonic transmitting and receiving, sediment probe working or stopping, etc.
Record modeFully digit
Sound speed calibration functionyes
Print modeBuilt-in A4 wide thermal printer for continuous printing
Print SpeedPrint the measured image synchronously during testing
Quality (KG)25KG
Operating temperature-10℃~+50℃
Multifunction sensor device

(measure the shape, perpendicularity and sediment thickness)

Measuring the shape & perpendicularityMethodUltrasonic echo sensing system
DirectionDirect recording in four directions (X-X’ and Y-Y’)
Measuring RangeΦ400mm-7200mm
Accuracy±0. 2% at full scale
UltrasonicFrequency: 90KHz; Power: 8W
Measuring sediment thicknessMethodProbe pressure & dip angle method
Operating temperature-10℃~+50℃
UMT-K100DC(P)Standard Configure
1Host unitUMT-K serial1

2Ultrasonic ProbeUMT-K100DC(P)-P1

3Probe WinchUMT-K100DC(P)-WP1
5Analysis software U-diskUMT-UDAPro.V3.491

6Host chargerUMT-K Serial-C60D1

7Probe CaseUMT-K100DC(P)-PC

8Winch shield——1

9Winch sling——2

10Winch trayUMT-K100DC(P)-WT1

11Guide pulley
Spare parts

■ Advantages

1. In the current site. the results of all tested holes can be viewed. The items include file name, hole name, design depth, tested depth,design diameter, average diameter, min diameter, perpendicularity. sediment thickness, quality evaluation.
2. The measured results of all depth measuring points can be viewed, (such as the distance values between the walls and the sensors, and the center offset value of X-X’ and Y-Y’, diameter and perpendicularity). The outliers of the aperture and the perpendicularity are highlighted. The error values can also be modified directly.

■ Details

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