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Polymer Mud

Application: Bored Pile, HDD, Exploration Drilling, Diaphragm Wall.

Soil condition: Clay Sand Peat Silt Gravel Coral Lime Stone.

Weight: 25kg/Bag.


■ Description
Through more than 10 years, UNIMATE is the world’s leading supplier of special chemical mud for rotary drilling rigs and accessories. Adhering to the operational philosophy of “Advocate Technology and Service the World”, rely on professional R&D teams, first-class technical support and after-sales service, we always improve the performance of POLYMER MUD. It’s our mission to enhance our customer’s competitive advantage through better products and better services.

UNIMATE® Polymer Mud is an environmentally friendly mud synthesized by polymer chains, which belongs to the category of stable fluids, and it is more accurately a light-weight solid-free mud.

■ Advantages

Amount (mix 100m³ Slurry)15~20T50~100KG
Mix Time>10H5~30MIN
Requirement for SiteSlurry Tank & Mud PumpDirectly in the Borehole
Principle of Wall ProtectionHigh specific gravity produces lateral pressure & Slurry skin formed on hole wallLiquid pressure & Permeate & Cemented
Control Pile SedimentHigh slurry gravity suspended SedimentTake out the large particle sediment and keep the hole bottom clean
RecyclingSediment carried by return slurryReturn mud is clean
Slurry TreatmentSlurry drying, outward transportation and special LandfillDegradable and Dilutable Emissions

■ Features
1. High Efficiency: Prepare Mud Quickly • Shorten construction time • Accelerate project progress.

2. Simplify Matters: Low requirements for field conditions • Wide application (freshwater/seawater) (soil, sand, pebble, rock) • Reduce on-site Inventory (e.g. bentonite storage) • Reduce on-site equipment workload • No need for mud transportation.

3. Economical: High mud recycling rate • Reduce material cost per cubic meter of mud • Reduce labor time cost • Reduce total project cost • Reduce mud treatment cost.

4. Pile-forming Effect: Low sand content reduces the risk of concrete pouring • Effective control of pouring concrete over square • Direct contact between pouring concrete and original soil increases bearing capacity.

5. Environmental: No dust • No waste mud• Degradable• Direct emission (in combination with local regulations).

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