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Friction Kelly Bar

  • Type: 1-Friction Kelly Bar 2-Interlocking Kelly Bar
  • Diameter: 377-508mm
  • Length:
  • Application: used with piling rigs for drilling in silt,clay and less dense sand and gravel.


Friction Kelly bars are used with piling rigs for drilling in silt, clay and less dense sand and gravel. The Friction Kelly bars manufactured by Unimate are un-lockable with drive keys on each section. Kelly bars can be equipped with specially designed springs or pressure plates for shock absorbing purpose. Please see below chart of some of our standard productions for Friction kelly bars

Main Applications
Friction Kelly bar  are used with piling rigs for drilling in silt,clay and less dense sand and gravel.

Type: Friction Kelly Bar
Sections: 3,4,5 Material: 1st-2nd sections: Q345B;3rd-4th sections:27SiMn or 35CrMo
Application: used with piling rigs for drilling in dense sand and gravel and weak to strong rock
The features of UNIMATE kelly bar are as follows:
1-Adopt the advanced technology of 6-key design in the world and standard modular design.

2-Equipped with advanced processing facilities,processing technic and manufacturing equipments,UNIMATE kelly bar enjoys a low weight,high strength,high straightness of single bar,thinner tube,smaller inter-tube distance and good abrasion resistance.

3-The raw materials are either imported from Germany like the high abrasion resistance materials,or from Chinese top manufacturer such as the seamless steel tube with alloy. All the tubes made in China are specially made seamless alloy tube,which guarantees the accuracy of the sizes,location,physical properties and easy welding. The small-diameter tubes undergo reheat treatment,which strength is up to 800kg level. The friction kelly bar can be used under full torque.

4-All the outer keys have undergone special heat treatment.Therefore,they possess higher hardness,higher flexibility ad excellent welding properties,which provide higher abrasion resistance to the keys.


Identification No.Torque(ton.m)O.D.(mm)SectionsDrilling Depth (m)
FK 36/470/3/27~2836470327~28
FK 36/470/4/36~7236470436~72
FK 25/440/3/3625440336
FK 25/440/4/5025440450
FK 25/440/5/6525440565
FK 28/394/3/24~4828394324~48
FK 28/394/4/32~6528394432~65
FK 18/377/3/3618377336
FK 18/377/4/5018377450
FK 22/406/3/3622406336
FK 22/406/4/5022406450
FK 36/508/4/6036508460
FK 36/508/5/7536508575
*Other sizes can be manufactured as per customer demand

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