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Drillmaster drill bucket arrive in Portugal on the China-Europe train

By Li Chenyu / hcfire360 August 2020

Nice!Our drill bucket and auger took their traveling to Portugal by the China-Europe train. Last week, a buyer in Portugal chose our products under consideration and comparison. Due to their tight delivery time,we finally chose train transportation. The drilling bucket and auger will arrive at their destination 15-18 days later by the CHINA RAILWAY Express. The CHINA RAILWAY Express strengthen commercial and trade ties between China and European countries,also,facilitate friendly trade exchanges between us.

The products in this trade are UNIMATE double-cut rock auger and UNIMATE single-cut rock bucket. In addition, we also provide drill buckets and auger used with kelly bar for various soil and rock layers. We provide customized services,if you have related needs on these products,or interested in our products and brands,please contact us freely at [email protected]

As a company with more than 10 years of industry experience,whether  our product quality, structural design, or our factory technology, after-sales service are both very competitive. DRILLMASTER is a reliable choice for more than 50 countries and regions around the world.