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  • Jul 31
    Introduction about casing tube and casing tube accessories

    Introduction about casing tube and casing tube accessories. For casing tube accessories, there are casing adaptor, casing joints and casing shoes. Casing tubes are designed to perform cased holes, especially for the construction of bored piles by rotary drilling rigs. The casing joints with high machining accuracy guarantee a fast replacement and bolting of the casings as well as the best force transmission effect.

  • Jul 31
    If you need core barrel with bullet teeth, choose Drillmaster

    Above picture is drilling core barrel with bullet teeth. There are three kinds of core barrels: core barrel with bullet teeth, core barrel with roller bits, cross cutter core barrel. All core barrel are used in foundation construction. Size of Drillmaster core barrel is 600-2500mm, we could also accept OEM orders as per customer demand. For kelly box of core barrel, there are 130mm, 150mm, 200mm for optional.

  • Jul 13
    UNIDRILL kelly bar manufacturer factory OEM pink kelly bar

    UNIDRILL kelly bar manufacturer factory OEM pink kelly bar These two kelly bars are ordered by one of our kelly bar customers, one is 406-4*8 white kelly bar, the other is 445-4*13 pink interlocking kelly bar. As to the pink, it is a very lovely color which has a girlish heart.:-)) At present, these two kelly bars have finished painting, and they will be deliveied to the seaport after being packed well......

  • Jul 01
    Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China

    2021 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the opening year of the 14th five year plan. It is of great significance to hold a general meeting to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

  • Jun 29
    Drillmaster team trip to Xi’an

    Nice team trip to Xi'an, touching the history of this city, you can imagine how prosperous it was at that time. Welcome to Xi'an, it is the best city to know about China! Welcome to understand Drillmaster, whose factories mainly production kelly bars, drill buckets, pile breakers, desanders, etc. You will know what super service Drillmaster service team could supply after cooperate with Drillmaster.

  • Jun 21
    Two types of Mud Desanders for Bored Piling Construction Sites

    Mud Desanders are necessary for bored piling construction sites if the land formation consist of sand and other types of fine soils. The cyclones and filters in a mud desander can separate the soil from the drilling fluids as the drilling happens at a fast speed. When sand and silt are separated from drilling fluids in time by the desanders, the drilling buckets are more efficient, and the entire drilling process is safer.

  • Jun 20
    Happy Father’s Day

    Words can't tell how much father means to everyone,we wish each father happiness on this special day!

  • Jun 11
    Top Problems with Bored Piles Drilling Buckets And How To Solve Them

    Drilling buckets tools, as the arms in bored piles piling constructions, are most commonly used. This also mean drilling bucket tools generate the most problems for foundation engineers and rig operators. We have analyzed and summarized best practice solutions to common problems you might encounter when you operate rotary rig drilling buckets!

  • Jun 01
    Do you know what the features are using pile breaker to cut concrete piles

    Do you know what the features are by using pile breakers to do the concrete pile cutting work? Following we will give you an detail introduction: Universal property: It can be driven by diverse power sources and is compatible with excavators or hydraulic system according to the construction sites conditions. It is flexible to connect multiple construction machines with universal and economical performance.The telescopic sling lifting chains meet the requirements of various landforms.

  • May 25
    Ultrasonic drilling monitor is your best choice for drilling hole quality control

    In foundation engineering, your best buddy to control the quality of your drilling holes is an ultrasonic drilling hole monitor.To excel in efficiency in all types of drilling holes, DRILLMASTER has released our ultrasonic drilling monitor that is dedicated to perform this task for you! Our monitor has a CNC winch that goes down to as far as 160 meters, and an ultrasonic probe capable of testing range of 0.4 to 7.2 meters in diameter...

  • May 20
    Do you know what “5-GOOD” of UNIDRILL KELLY BARS advantages are?

    May 21st 2pm (GMT+8), follow Drillmaster livestreaming on Facebook, there will be chance to get free UNIDRILL kelly bar Swivel Head. UNIDRILL customers summarized the quality of UNIDRILL drilling rig kelly bars, saying that UNIDRILL kelly bars ( drill pipes) have five major advantages. Do you know what these five advantages refer to? Welcome to our live streaming room.

  • May 13
    What does good raw material mean for quality bullet teeth?

    Let us be straight up about the answer: for a good drilling bit, the body should use 42 CrMo and be forged from round steel. With our commitment to make the most enduring bullet teeth, we adopt the best quality material in the market, so that you don't have to worry about changing your drill bits every other day. What’s better, since we don't bluff on pricing, you can get the ideal bullet teeth well within your budget.

  • May 13
    Eid Mubarak

    DRILLMASTER wish you a Blessed Eid

  • May 10
    UNIDRILL 5 kelly bars will be transported to the Middle-East agent

    5 pieces of UNIDRILL kelly bars will be transported to one our Middle-East agent. Above are the pictures for these 5 bore pile drilling kelly bars to be loaded onto the ship . The models for these kelly bars are:

  • Apr 30
    The May Day: Salute to hard working people

    In China, Labor's Day is on May 1st. Labor's Day is an international day for workers. Working is glorious, and we should respect workers. The Labor's Day is workers' holiday and workers can enjoy themselves to their heart's content. May day again, we salute to all the hard working people all over the world.

  • Apr 25
    UNIMATE core barrels with bullet teeth in foundation construction

    UNIMATE has more than 10 years of brand precipitation. Under this brand, there are products drill buckets, core barrel with bullet teeth, core barrel with roller bits, cross cutter core barrel, kinds of augers, etc. For drill buckets, included rock drilling bucket, soil drilling bucket, centrifugal bucket, cleaning bucket.

  • Apr 22
    Welcome to visit our livestreaming for Ultrasonic Drilling Monitor

    We will give you a detail introduction about the pile tester tools: Ultrasonic Drilling Monitor. Are you worried about the quality of your drilling hole? Do you know how to guarantee the bored pile's preciseness? If yes, welcome to visit our livestreaming on April 23rd, Time: 2PM (GMT+8).

  • Apr 21
    The common problem of rotary rig drilling kelly bar: body bending or cracking

    For engineering contractors, quality of the drill tools, kelly bars they purchased are what they pay high attention to. Since if there are some problems with the drill tools, for example, the kelly bars, drill buckets, rock augers, etc, they may delay the progress of the whole project, kelly bar body bending or cracking is also a common problem.

  • Apr 19
    How to choose suitable bullet teeth for core barrel and drill bucket augers

    What kind of bullet teeth should be chosed for different bore pile drilling core barrels, kinds of drill buckets, drill augers? Since there are many different shapes and different sizes of bullet teeth, also called tungsten carbide bullet teeth. So, how to choose the suitable kind of bullet teeth for your bore pile drilling buckets, rock augers, core barrels or centrifugal drill buckets? Firstly, this depends on the bore pile need to drill, or, we can say, decided by the geologic condition of the project...

  • Apr 07
    What is a diamond core bits used for?

    Diamond core drill bits are widely used in soil investigation and mining industries, usually for geological exploration. Our coated diamond core bits are suitable for different geological conditions, for example, for concrete, rock, stone, marble and masonry drilling. We have NQ, HQ, PQ Diamond core bits, T6, MLC and T2 diamond core drill bits for clients choose.

  • Mar 16
    Why you need a pile breaker to do concrete pile cutting work?

    When do the foundation construction, engineering companies know that they have to break down the piles which they have built? At present, there are still some countries that use manpower to break down the piles, so, what are the disadvantages of using manpower to do the pile cutter work? For concrete piles, people use a hand-held crushing hammer to do the brake work, there is a certain risk......