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  • Oct 22
    Drillmaster drilling auger construction work case

    In this picture, you can see our 1000mm Double Cut Single Flat Rock Auger. The auger was ordered by a Portuguese customer. In September,drillmaster auger was carried on the China-Europe train and arrived in Germany in 18 days. Use with Soilmec R625 drilling rig,our auger do a good job.

  • Oct 20
    Unimate Tremie pipes for pile drilling

    Tremie pipes are normally used to pour concrete into a drilled pile, after the steel cage reinforcement is placed in operation, to avoid concrete pile breakage or gaps.

  • Oct 09
    Drillmaster DTH hammer and bits

    DTH hammers are widely used in areas such as open-pit and underground mining, irrigation, bridge and tunnel, infrastructure, slope anchorage, geological exploration, petrol and natural gas engineering. Drilling holes diameter range of our DTH hammers is from 64mm to 1020mm.

  • Sep 22
    Drillmaster casing tube for pile foundation engineering

    The casings are applied in pile foundation engineering and full casing construction. It is divided into two kinds:single-walled casing and double-walled casing according to its structure. And it can be divided into single section 2m, 3m, 4m casing section according to its length.

  • Sep 21
    Unidrill Interlocking kelly bar for YUTONG Rotary drilling rig

    Now, UNIDRILL kelly bar have been well known at both home and abroad by its strict quality control and super service. As the first kelly bar china manufacturer who could supply one-year warranty, the welders we use all have more than 8 years experience to guarantee the welding quality. And, we adopt top quality seamless steel tube from China's leading steel factory to guarantee the steel tube we use have better roundness and straightness, high precision...

  • Sep 17
    UNIMATE Pile Breaker for concrete pile breaking down

    Have you used the pile breaker for your jobsite?If not,consider to own one!We have two types of pile breaker:round type and square type. This machine is used to break down the ground head concrete of the foundation pile. It is easy to assemble and operate.

  • Sep 16
    Construction, achievements of the city’s beauty

    What are people pursuing for? Sometimes people say I don’t know what to follow or do. This is to people’s spiritual level. We always hope to get great psychological satisfaction, so, we work hard to try to get a better life. Then, what is the better life? How to define this? The answers varies from person to person....

  • Sep 14
    From the details to see the quality of Drillmaster Core barrel and Drilling buckets

    For Drillmaster drilling buckets, we purchase Top Quality raw materials from leading raw-steel factory. Our drilling tools can be customized depending on kinds of rigs and site conditions. We require higher quality of welding, therefore we employ at least 8 years experienced welders. UNIMATE brand (DRILLMASTER sub brand) was founded early, enjoying higher reputation in the market. Advanced welding and design ensure the products longer working life, which helps the client to reduce construction budget.

  • Sep 11
    Unimate Excavator Side Grip Vibro Hammer

    Excavator Side Grip Vibro Hammer is used for driving down and pulling out with sheet pile and H-pile. This product is very powerful and it has 4 advantages.

  • Sep 08
    DRILLMASTER Single Cut Drilling Rock bucket

    UNIMATE (Drillmaster 's brand)rock buckets have advantages such as high-quality raw materials, high steel strength, high wear resistance, good roundness of the cylinder, and so on.

  • Sep 01
    Big Promotion for drill tools in SUPER SEPTEMBER

    Welcome to watch our live stream on September 3rd, 2020 in Alibaba. In this live stream we will show you our factory for kelly bar, drill bucket, casing tube, carbide bullet teeth, and give a brief introduction for the features of our kelly bar, drill bucket, rotary rig casing tube, tungsten carbide bullet teeth. And, in September, you will get $50 reduced for every $1000 purchase for all our drill tools product in Alibaba.

  • Aug 26
    Drillmaster drill bucket arrive in Portugal on the China-Europe train

    Nice!Our drill bucket and auger took their traveling to Portugal by the China-Europe train.

  • Aug 04
    Happy Changsha, Happy Drillmaster-live streaming on Aug 5th

    Our live streaming save the date:Aug 5th,8:00PM We will show you a real drillmaster group,take you to taste food, visit scenic spots, famous TV program in Changsha,which our head office locates in.(No advertisement,No products this time)

  • Aug 25
    Drillmaster bullet teeth

    Drillmaster bullet teeth can be used for all kinds of the soil layer, rock, and concrete layer. We promise the quality and wait for your kind inquiry.

  • Aug 11
    Delivery for Unidrill rotary rig drill buckets

    Unidrill Drill bucket is well known at both home and abroad by its high quality and super service team. At present, we could supply the following kinds of drill buckets: rotary rig drill rock bucket, rotary rig drill soil bucket, rotary rig cleaning bucket, rotary rig centrifugal bucket, rotary rig core barrel, and kinds of rotary rig drill augers.

  • Aug 07
    Desander Delivery Picture Sharing

    Our desander (Mud circulation system)has been ready to ship!Desander is mainly using in foundation construction, drilling construction and HDD construction. The desander can control the sand content and particle size effectively, as well as separate the solid particle from slurry during the working processes.

  • Jul 30
    Drillmaster Core barrel with bullet teeth

    The core barrel with bullet teeth is used for cutting an annular ring in rock or concrete (also reinforced concrete). Our core barrel can be customized ,If you are interested in our core barrel,please contact us at [email protected]

  • Jul 28
    FOUNTECH Micro Drill Rig for Jet-grouting and Anchoring

    Our micro drill rig can be used in jet-grouting, anchoring and various types of engineering tunnel pipe shield.

  • Jul 27
    New week,keep working hard!

    Construction safety first.Keep working hard and protect yourself!

  • Jul 24
    Drillmaster delivery pictures of core barrel with roller bits

    Latest delivery!Our core barrel with roller bit has been ready to ship!Core barrel with roller bits is used in very strong rock formations (compressive strength> 100 Mpa).

  • Jul 21
    Drillmaster–live with heart, building with heart.

    Live with heart, building with heart.Drillmaster always strive to be the best!