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  • Oct 25
    Want Good Kelly Bar, Choose UNIDRILL

    A good rotary drilling rig need a good kelly bar to work together to do bore pile drilling work better, kelly bar is a necessary in all pile foundation engineering constructions. Engineers know that whether a project can goes smoothly and how the efficiency of the progress is often related to the use of these drilling tools, among which, kelly bar plays a very important role.

  • Oct 22
    Where to find reliable Cased Drilled Shaft manufacturers?

    Cased drilled shaft are widely used for most construction site piling, especially if the piling requirements are high. Segmental casings are usually in great demand on the construction site. At the same time, the quality of the segmental casings will affect the quality and progress of the project. Therefore, it is important to find a reliable cased drilled shaft manufacturer.

  • Oct 13
    UNIDRILL busy production scene for kelly bar orders

    Many kelly bar clients may want to see the production scene of their kelly bar, to UNIDRILL, this is available, we could show you the production scene of your kelly bar order after clients place the order. In this season, the north has begun to enter the winter, but the production work of our kelly bar factory is still in full swing. The high quality of Unidrill kelly bar is now well known to many customers, and orders are coming one by one.

  • Oct 11
    Big Core Barrel With Roller Bits, Bullet Teeth Order

    One of our old drilling tools customers placed this big order, products include core barrel with roller bits, core barrel with bullet teeth, rock drilling bucket and soil drilling bucket, involving many different specifications and models. We have been cooperating with this foreign customer for many years, and he trusts our products and services, so he has been entrusting their needs to us for so many years. From receiving orders from the other party, to confirming various sizes and specifications, to arranging production, we will carefully confirm with customers at every step to ensure that the products produced can fully meet the needs of customers.

  • Sep 28
    There is A Used Soilmec SR75 rotary drilling rig for sell

    For clients who want to buy Used Soilmec SR75 rotary drilling rig, we now have a second-hand SR75 rig on sell now, working hours is 8,000 hours, still in good condition, favourable price with two kellly bars together. And, the price can be lower for customers who want to buy used drill rig with good payment terms. Contact us asap if you need a high cost-performance used Soilmec SR75 rotary rig.

  • Sep 21
    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival. Let the round moon accompany you and me. The bright moon will take my wishes and blessings to you. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! May the round moon bring you a happy family and a successful future.

  • Sep 16
    Core barrel with roller bits or bullet teeth for bore pile drilling

    Core barrel with roller bits or bullet teeth for bore pile drilling. There are many types of core barrels, we would like to introduction the kind of core barrel that used in foundation bore pile drilling. The two core barrels used for piling on site construction are the same in shape, workmanship and material. They are divided into core barrel with bullet teeth and core barrel with roller bits according to the different drill bits used. The diameters of these two core barrels are both 600-2500mm, of course, we can also customize them according to customer needs.

  • Sep 06
    The suitable Betek round shank bullet teeth for different drilling tools

    What's the suitable betek round shank bullet teeth for different drilling tools? We all know that the engineers will need to purchase new betek bullet bits to replace those that are severely worn during construction.The bullet teeth chosed will play an important role for the drilling tools used in construction site. So, how to choose the right bullet teeth? First we need to consider the formation, different formations have different requirements for round shank bullet bits. Secondly, we should consider the quality of the bullet tooth itself. How is the material used? Is the strength enough? How about their wear resistance?

  • Aug 27
    How many piles does a pile breaker could cut per day?

    Pile cutting by labor is about 2pcs per day, so how many piles a pile breaker could cut per day? the answer is 20-30 piles. For pile cutting by labor, it's easy to hurt the pile body and there are loud noise, meanwhile, there is a certain danger to the personal safety. And, besides, the labor cost is also very high in many regions. Get one pile breaker machine, all these problems could be solved wonderful. Pile breaker could be both used with excavators and power pack. Advantages to use pile breaker to do concrete pile cuttong job: low noise, no harm to pile body, no dangerous to people and high working efficiency.

  • Aug 21
    A comparision bettwen pile cutter machine and manpower cutting concrete piles

    We did a comparision bettwen pile cutter machine and manpower cutting concrete piles. To manpower, cut one pile need 2 hours, that's to say, manpower only cut 2 pcs piles one day during 8 working hours while pile breaker machine could cut 30 pcs piles in the same amount of time. Using pile cutter machine could save much labor cost while greatly improve the working efficiency. As a pile breaker factory with 10+ years manufacture experience, our UNIMATE brand pile breaker has been well known by our durable quality, easy operation and professional service team, welcome to inquiry our pile cutter.

  • Aug 18
    Drillmaster supply Bauer kelly box soil&rock drilling augers

    UNIMATE brands has been in the engineering industry for 10+ years, products well known by people are: Drilling Buckets, Drilling Augers, Core Barrels, Casing Tubes, Tremie Pipe and Pile Breakers. UNIMATE drilling tools adopt first-class raw material to production high durable products. Where to buy rotary rig rock drilling auger with long using life?

  • Aug 18
    BAUER rig kelly bar for foundation bore hole construction

    BAUER rig kelly bar for foundation bore hole construction. Now, UNIDRILL kelly bar has been well known by more and more clients both at home and abroad by its strict quality control. UNIDRILL kelly bar factory could manufacture kelly bar according to different clients' needs and different geological conditions. Now UNIDRILL kelly bar is recognized to be suitable for complex construction.

  • Aug 11
    B47K, BTK, BSK Tungsten Carbide Bullet Teeth Large Sock Timely Delivery

    B47K, BTK, BSK Tungsten Carbide Bullet Teeth Large Sock Timely Delivery. As a carbide B47K, BTK, BSK bullet teeth manufacturer with 8 years of production experience, UNIDRILL supply various high quality tungsten carbide drill bits, including drilling bucket bullet teeth, rock auger bits, round shank picks for rock core barrels. The types of bullet teeth we have: B47K17.5, B47K17.5H, B47K19-H, B47K22-H,BTK10, BTK89, BSH09, BSH05, BSK series, etc. Tungsten carbide drill bits...

  • Aug 10
    Use UNIDRILL kelly bar do wonderful bore pile drilling job

    Use UNIDRILL kelly bar do wonderful bore pile drilling job. We all know that the progress of the whole project could be affected by the drilling tools chosed and used during the construction. Use UNIDRILL kelly bar to do the bore piles drilling work could avoid this problem very well. Kelly bars manufactured by UNIDRILL factory could give clients good user experience from both product quality and professional service.

  • Jul 31
    Introduction about casing tube and casing tube accessories

    Introduction about casing tube and casing tube accessories. For casing tube accessories, there are casing adaptor, casing joints and casing shoes. Casing tubes are designed to perform cased holes, especially for the construction of bored piles by rotary drilling rigs. The casing joints with high machining accuracy guarantee a fast replacement and bolting of the casings as well as the best force transmission effect.

  • Jul 31
    If you need core barrel with bullet teeth, choose Drillmaster

    Above picture is drilling core barrel with bullet teeth. There are three kinds of core barrels: core barrel with bullet teeth, core barrel with roller bits, cross cutter core barrel. All core barrel are used in foundation construction. Size of Drillmaster core barrel is 600-2500mm, we could also accept OEM orders as per customer demand. For kelly box of core barrel, there are 130mm, 150mm, 200mm for optional.

  • Jul 13
    UNIDRILL kelly bar manufacturer factory OEM pink kelly bar

    UNIDRILL kelly bar manufacturer factory OEM pink kelly bar These two kelly bars are ordered by one of our kelly bar customers, one is 406-4*8 white kelly bar, the other is 445-4*13 pink interlocking kelly bar. As to the pink, it is a very lovely color which has a girlish heart.:-)) At present, these two kelly bars have finished painting, and they will be deliveied to the seaport after being packed well......

  • Jul 01
    Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China

    2021 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the opening year of the 14th five year plan. It is of great significance to hold a general meeting to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

  • Jun 29
    Drillmaster team trip to Xi’an

    Nice team trip to Xi'an, touching the history of this city, you can imagine how prosperous it was at that time. Welcome to Xi'an, it is the best city to know about China! Welcome to understand Drillmaster, whose factories mainly production kelly bars, drill buckets, pile breakers, desanders, etc. You will know what super service Drillmaster service team could supply after cooperate with Drillmaster.

  • Jun 21
    Two types of Mud Desanders for Bored Piling Construction Sites

    Mud Desanders are necessary for bored piling construction sites if the land formation consist of sand and other types of fine soils. The cyclones and filters in a mud desander can separate the soil from the drilling fluids as the drilling happens at a fast speed. When sand and silt are separated from drilling fluids in time by the desanders, the drilling buckets are more efficient, and the entire drilling process is safer.

  • Jun 11
    Top Problems with Bored Piles Drilling Buckets And How To Solve Them

    Drilling buckets tools, as the arms in bored piles piling constructions, are most commonly used. This also mean drilling bucket tools generate the most problems for foundation engineers and rig operators. We have analyzed and summarized best practice solutions to common problems you might encounter when you operate rotary rig drilling buckets!