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Bullet teeth with carbide bits

  • Type: B47k Rock Drilling Bits
  • Diameter:
  • Length:
  • Application: Suitable for drilling in hard rock and weathered rock


■ Introduction
Rotary drilling bit is applied to all kinds of soft and hard soil layer, rock and concrete layer, with conical teeth body design and has strong penetrating performance. It uses high strength steel alloy steel body which through heat treatment, and can keep high toughness and high wear resistance; the cutting head use the hard alloy which through hot isostatic pressing, and spring are made of high strength spring steel, wear-resistant washer is made by high strength wear resistant steel plate which through heat treatment.

■ Main Applications

Suitable for drilling in hard rock and weathered rock

■ Feature
Rock Shank Bits & Holder
Main models: C31HD, C30, B47K17.5H, B47K19.5H, B47K22H, B47K17.5C/60, B43H, B85, B85/2
Material: Superior alloy constructional steel
Processing type: Forging
■ Parameters

Part No.DescriptionUnit Weight (Kg)
C31HDRock Drilling Bit0.5
B47K17.5HRock Drilling Bit1.2
B47K19.5HRock Drilling Bit1.2
B47K22HRock Drilling Bit1.2
B47K17.5C/60Rock Drilling Bit1.5
B85/2Holder with Carbide tips2.4
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